Review of ADATA DashDrive Durable

Review of ADATA DashDrive Durable

When we buy a PC or Laptop, it comes with a built-in hard drive but more and more people are now using external hard drives to keep back up of their valuable data.

Recently, ADATA Technology launched a new external hard drive. Called DashDrive Durable, this portable hard it is very small, just 2.5 inches in size, and it features USB 3.0. So, on one hand, you will get the speed of USB 3.0 and on the other hand, you will be able to store many of your important things.

If you are worried about durability then this is the right device for you. Made of a “unique silicon material,” the DashDrive Durable is very tough. You would not have to worry about dropping the hard drive from your hand or spilling water or coffee and lose all your precious data.

Tests proved that there is no possibility of this hard drive being destroyed due to spilling of water or Coke or Pepsi and its data remained unaffected even after keeping it under water for 30 minutes. Besides, its data does not get erased due to electric shock and it can transfer data at a quick speed even while in bad condition. Another great feature of the the DashDrive Durable is that its cable is tucked into an exterior slot.

The demand for external hard drive has increased significantly after the arrival of USB 3.0 technology. It is because with USB 2.0 transferring data from external drive to PC or laptop was possible at a very slow speed. USB 3.0, however, has enabled users to transfer data at a very high speed, and as a result, it has become possible to do a lot of complex works. For instance, those of us tried to boot Windows 7 from an external hard drive featuring USB 2.0 know that it is very tough and time consuming. With DashDrive Durable, the same task can be done more easily and at a very high speed. That means speed is a very important factor and it could be an ideal external hard drive for those who need to do a lot of works everyday. It is even good for those who do not need to work a lot, but still love speed.  With this hard drive, ADATA provides a software named smart power.

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