Genius MaxFire Blaze3

৳ 1,850.00

Product Description

Compatible with PC/PS3 systems.

Dual motor provides real vibration effects such as hits, explosions or crashes.
8-way D-pad, 12 programmable action buttons, two analog sticks
Ergonomic design delivers comfortable playing experience
“Mode” button switches from digital to analog mode instantly
Turbo function for auto repeat, great for shooting in action games

Analog Sticks and Turbo Function

MaxFire Blaze3 is the latest gamepad from Genius and features 12 programmable action buttons for PC and PlayStation 3. Blaze3 features with two analog sticks for better control in a variety of games. You can switch the sticks from digital mode to analog mode by just pushing the “MODE” button. The ergonomic, streamlined shape fits your hands and gives your fingers perfect support, which improve your game control. The Turbo function provides auto repeat, which is great for shooting and action games such as “Operation Flash point 2: Dragon Rising”, “Bio Hazard 5”. Plug MaxFire Blaze3 into a USB interface on your PC or PlayStation 3, and you’re ready to begin a battle immediately.

With 1 year warranty


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