The 8th Death anniversary of Late Professor Md. Abdul Kader

Today is July 3rd, the 8th death anniversary of late Prof. Md. Abdul Kader, one of the pioneers of the ICT sectors of Bangladesh and founder of the most popular ICT magazine, Computer Jagat. In 2003, on this very day Prof. Kader passed away leaving behind a legacy; Computer Jagat. Prof. Kader understood the importance and potential of computer in building up a prosperous Bangladesh. Hence, he established Computer Jagat at a time, when most people in Bangladesh had no idea about computers.
It was his single-minded effort that made Computer Jagat to overcome all the obstacles and become the most popular ICT magazine in Bangladesh. From establishing Computer Jagat in May 1991, till his death in 2003, he continuously worked for the magazine and was closely involved with the development and advance of the ICT sector of the country. Prof. Kader had major contribution behind the current prosperity of the Bangladesh ICT sector. For example- in 1991, he talked about data entry in a press-conference. In 1992, he went to Jinjira by boat to teach the students of a school about computer. He did it out of his own interest. In 1996, for the first time in Bangladesh, he arranged Internet Week.
In fact, when there was no Internet service in Bangladesh, Computer Jagat regularly wrote about Internet and spread awareness among people and all this was done under the visionary leadership of Prof. Kader. He worked diligently to spread awareness of Internet among people.
Today, on his 8th death anniversary, Computer Jagat family remembers him with great reverence.

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