Computer Jagat successfully broadcasts livestreaming the DBBL-Prothom Alo National Mathematical Festival 2011

The DBBL-Prothom Alo National Mathematical Festival 2011, 9th Bangladesh Mathematical Olympiad took place at St. Joseph Higher Secondary School in Mohammadpur. The two-day festival started on February 11, 2011 and continued till February 12, 2011.
Computer Jagat did livestreaming of the show which has been broadcast from the official websites of Computer Jagat and Prothom Alo.
The 9th Bangladesh Mathematical festival was one of the biggest mathematical festivals in Bangladesh. This year, thirteen regional festival had been organized which was attended by 18,000 contestants. From these contestants, 825 were chosen to take part at the National Mathematical festival.
On the first day of the show, more than 20,000 viewers across the world watched the festival on Internet. In two days, more than 41, 000 viewers watched the show. Many viewers were very happy to watch the festival on Internet for the first time. The live streaming section attracted 106 comments.
Viewers from different continents around the world watched the show. From Asia, 27,583 viewers watched the show, 6156 viewers from North America, 4041 viewers from Europe and 2326 from Australia/Oceania.
Due to poor bandwidth, some viewers could not watch the show.

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