Bangladeshi Hackers breaks into numerous websites including Google Bangladesh

Sorry Google Bangladesh users, your search engine is down for the count, at least for the time being.

Google, world’s most powerful search engine, in it’s bangladesh domain,now shows a page saying ” Google Bangladesh OwN3D by TiGER-M@TE” These are the same dudes who also attacked and defaced some other portal in Bangladesh just a few weeks ago.

From some ISP can enter but also from some ISP can not enter in hacker group addressed themselves as TIGER-M@TE Bangladeshi hacker and also Underground hacker 2007-2011.This hacker/hackers hacked DNS settings of some ISP.For this reason users under those ISP can not enter to by using internet.Most of the dot com dot Bd sites are hacked.

Besides google bangladesh,
also hacked by this hacker.It is his 2nd attack,his first mass attack was on 22nd december-2010.He also hacked few days ago.

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